Nicole Pietrantoni

The Idea of North

The Idea of North takes its name from Glenn Gould’s evocative 1967 radio essay, in which he
remarks, “[T]he north has remained for me a convenient place to dream about, spin tales about
sometimes, and, in the end, avoid.” For Gould, the North functions as more than a location on the
map – it is a space upon which we project our desires for unspoiled wilderness, hopes for solitude,
and the terrifying beauty of the sublime. There is little doubt that the North is a part of our
collective consciousness. The region allows for an examination of humans’ interaction with
nature and our idealization of it, as it is increasingly used for political, cultural, and environmental
ends. No matter what latitude we live at, the North is alive in our imagination. This portfolio
offers a glimpse of how a diverse group of artists conceptualize this oft-romanticized and charged
symbol from their respective geographical positions.

A portfolio will be given to each artist and remaining sets will go to the following collections:
• Collection of the Icelandic Printmakers’ Association, Reykjavik, Iceland
• Art in Embassies Program, Collection of the US Embassy, Reykjavik, Iceland
• Southern Graphics Council International Print Archive, Oxford, Mississippi, USA
• The Leifur Eiríksson Foundation, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Exhibitions are currently being coordinated at venues in the US and Iceland.
Curated and organized by Nicole Pietrantoni.